You'll love this acoustic ballad! It raised the hairs on our arms! He masters his voice to perfection.” - Changing of a Season, Son of Loughlin.

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Son of Loughlin

Irish Singer-Songwriter

A Native of Navan, Ireland, residing in Vienna, Austria, singer and songwriter, Padraig McLoughlin, aka Son of Loughlin, has been described as a 'captivating performer and songwriter', who has played to crowds across Ireland, Europe, and the U.K. 


Deriving from the traditional Gaelic origins of his surname, with the ‘Mc’ translating to "Son of", the moniker came about due to countless failed pronunciation attempts of his given name, Padraig (Paw-rick), throughout his travels as a touring musician and passionate wanderer. The pronunciation of Loughlin, however, can still pose a challenge for many outside of the Emerald Isle! (Lock-lin!) 

Nevertheless, it is in his music where the misunderstandings and confusion seem to halt. His music speaks of topics that resonate with many. Love, loss, disillusionment, hope, cynicism, and melancholic optimism are some themes that feature often. 

He explores the inner workings of the individual, and the consciousness of the modern millennial, with their struggles to find their way in an ever-changing world and society. His songs are weaved with personal anecdotes and first-person experiences, crafted with melodies and hooks that stick with the listener. 

Reflecting on songwriting, he adds, ‘‘Whether the love of crafting melodies and structuring the song or deciphering the meaning from those seemingly cryptic lyrics that can sometimes sprout out of the unconscious throughout the process, I find incredible catharsis in the wonderment of songwriting. It offers me a purpose and satisfaction that few other endeavors can give’’.

After a quiet few years, following the release of his EP “Chasing What I Found”, and the Singles “Readjust" and "Changing of a Season", Son of Loughlin looks set for a busy 2023, with a full-length album on the horizon, set for release later in the year. 


The single “Changing of a Season” made the Chilled Acoustic Vol II compilation by Mahogany - a staple in, and one of the most established platforms on, the Folk/Singer-Songwriter scene. 


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